Reactive Arthritis Watch in Louisiana

Louisiana received the bulk of Richard's Hog Head Cheese in a recent recall prompted by an outbreak of Salmonella in which six people were stricken by salmonellosis. By now, some of those infections could have resulted in a complication known as Reactive Arthritis, or Reiter's SyndromeSalmonella food poisoning is most often associated with Reactive Arthritis, but Campylobacter, Shigella and E. coli can also give rise to the condition, which can last months or years.

Among most members of the public, Reactive Arthritis is an unrecognized condition. But in its worst forms, it can result in permanent vision loss, temporary infertility, life-threatening heart problems and debilitating joint pain. Joints of the lower extremities including knees, ankles and feet are more commonly affected than joints of the arms and hands. Initial symptoms include soreness, eye irritation, painful urination, skin lesions, mouth ulcers or back pain.

National food safety law firm Pritzker Olsen Attorneys has worked to raise awareness of the syndrome and its potential long-term consequences. A good Salmonella lawyer will carefully consider the threat of debilitating and painful arthritis in estimating damage amounts for outbreak litigation. Doctors and researchers are still learning about attack rates and other unknowns, but people who are sickened from contaminated food deserve careful screening in order to receive a comprehensive medical response to symptoms. The Pritzker law firm is dedicated to helping families and individuals who are affected by death and the various diseases that stem from food poisoning. Our Bad Bug Law Team has recovered tens of millions of dollars for victims of Salmonella outbreaks like the one in Louisiana and Texas related to Richard's Hog Head Cheese. Click here for more information on the Louisiana Hog Head Cheese Recall.

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