Chicago Sushi Salmonella Cases Occupy Spotlight of Fast-Growing Outbreak

Eight  people from Illinois are confirmed to be case patients in the fast-developing Salmonella Bareilly outbreak that federal health officials have associated with sushi but are still scrambling to understand.

Five of eight cases in Illinois were reported in Chicago, while two were in Will County and one was in suburban Cook County, the state Department of Public Health said. Two people were hospitalized..

Illinois is second only to New York in the number of confirmed Salmonella outbreak cases. The Land of Lincoln is tied with Wisconsin and Maryland. The Department of Public Health in Chicago has not made announcements about the outbreak, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said it has an ongoing investigation into specific types of sushi. An internal FDA memo that was circulated outside the agency mentioned spicy tuna roll as highly suspect..

Still, with 93 confirmed cases in 19 states, officials are not comfortable saying what food is causing the outbreak and they have given no advice to consumers on what to avoid. Besides the raw tuna itself, the possibilities range from sesame seeds to raw vegetable pieces. Meanwhile, 10 people have been hospitalized in the two months that the outbreak has emerged. At this point there has been zero deaths tied to the outbreak.

The CDC is working with state health officials and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to determine the cause of the outbreak and keep people informed about important developments. More cases are expected to be confirmed in the days ahead.

"If a specific food source is identified for this outbreak, public health officials will alert the public and take further steps to prevent additional illnesses,'' the CDC said in its initial investigation announcement.

Illinois victims are among those who could be interviewed by health officials about what they ate prior to falling ill. Many of the ill persons interviewed so far reported consuming sushi, sashimi, or similar foods in a variety of locations in the week before getting sick.

If you or a loved one is ill with diarrhea, vomiting or painful stomach cramps after eating at a Japanese style restaurant or other sushi place, see your doctor immediately for a diagnosis and possible treatment with antibiotics.

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Source: CDC, Chicago Tribune

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