Campylobacter in Raw Milk Can Cause Guillain-Barre Syndrome and Paralysis

In the video below, Brendan Flaherty, a lead lawyer on our Bad Bug Law Team explains Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) and discusses a case he and Attorney Fred Pritzker handled for a man who developed GBS after drinking raw milk contaminated with Campylobacter bacteria.

When Fred and Brendan were hired to represent the GBS victim discussed in the video, he was on life support. Although his condition has improved slightly, he is still paralyzed from the neck down.


An investigation into our client's illness found evidence sufficient to sue both a dairy farm and the store where our client had purchased the contaminated raw milk. The dairy's permit to sell raw milk was temporarily suspended after testing found Campylobacter in its raw milk samples.

Stool samples obtained from our client while he was being diagnosed for GBS tested positive for Campylobacter. In addition, milk from the bottles produced by the dairy and purchased by our client at the grocery store tested positive for a genetically identical strain of Campylobacter.

The smoking gun was finding the identical strain of Campylobacter at the dairy farm. This strong chain of causation resulted in lawsuit settlements that can be used to provide our client with needed medical care.

In an unrelated outbreak, Campylobacter in raw milk has now sickened people in Alaska. The tainted milk came from a dairy on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula, according to health officials. The Alaska Section of Epidemiology has confirmed 22 cases of Campylobacter infection (campylobacteriosis), including an infant who became infected from a contagious adult. According to health officials, some of the outbreak victims have had recurrent bouts of the intestinal disease, and two people were hospitalized.

The dairy farm that produced the implicated raw milk is an eight-cow farm on the Kenai  Peninsula that operates a cow-share program. The milk is distributed to shareholders throughout the Kenai Peninsula, in Anchorage, and in Sitka. Our Campylobacter lawyers are investigating this outbreak. You can contact them for a FREE CONSULTATION HERE.

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